Welcome to EMAG 2022 in Strasbourg,

the most sustainable EMAG ever!

Our motto is: EMAG’ine our world. Think, laugh, share, embrace are the inspirational words that guide us to bring to you an unforgettable EMAG 2022.

This motto, our inspirational words, and our values of sustainability of the environment and of the social connections with all the economic players involved in the event colour our decisions at each level of the organisation process.

Think! Discover, learn…

Laugh! Meet up, reunite…

Share! Converse, play…

Embrace! Live, enjoy…

And Strasbourg is a great city to pack in all this experience. It’s diverse, multicultural, fun, colourful, surprising.

Located on the most eastern part of France, by the Rhine River making the border with Germany, Strasbourg has historically been German or French depending on the results of political conflicts. It now shows signs of both cultural influences which gives it its individuality and is now a gateway to Germany through the bridge to Kehl.

Ciarus, our main venue

Ciarus offers accommodation, a buffet restaurant, and a café. Also, this is where the conferences and workshops will be held in their comfortable layout and furnishing. But that’s not all! If you need a place to chat away with your friends, there are places for that. And if you want to relax in a quiet/silent room with a book or simply lose yourself in your thoughts, there are places for that too! 

Since it is ideally located in the city centre, the great majority of other events (the Icebreaker and the Gala, for example) and activities will be accessible on foot.

If you would like to know more about Ciarus and how to get there, you can click on this link :

How to get to Strasbourg

By train

Strasbourg is easily accessible by train from Paris, Germany, Luxembourg, Colmar and Mulhouse which are situated south of Strasbourg. Tickets are available online and can be used as it is.

Web site : https://www.sncf-connect.com        App : SNCF Connect 


Also, you can buy them in train stations from “guichet”

or “billeterie”

You will need to “composter” your ticket before going onto the platform if you choose not to buy online.

From the train station, you can either take the bus H “Parlement Européen” to “Place de Pierre” and walk the 3 minutes left to Ciarus. From the bus stop “Place de Pierre”, walk along the same direction of your bus and take the second on your right. Walk straight for a few metres, there is a road sign “C.I.A.R.U.S., walk a few metres, Ciarus will be on your right.

Or walk 15 to 20 minutes to Ciarus from the train station. When you leave the train station, take a left, walk straight until you arrive at a crossroad. Follow the road sign “Offenburg – Kehl, PL. de la République – Opéra. Go along this road and take the 4th street on your right, there is a road sign “C.I.A.R.U.S., walk a few metres, Ciarus will be on your right.

By plane

The airport to Strasbourg is Aéroport Strasbourg-Entzheim. You can find the flight map here.

From the airport, there is a shuttle train that will bring you to the main train station in Strasbourg in 8 minutes. You can find more information here

Please refer to the “By train” section to have directions from the train station to the main venue.


By tram

Tram D commutes between Kehl Bahnhof stop by the train station and Strasbourg Homme de Fer stop in the city centre.

Once at Homme de Fer, it only takes a 10-minute walk to Ciarus going north-east (general direction).

Walk straight into “rue du Noyer” where the tram drives on. At the river, cross the bridge and go left. You are now walking along Quai Kléber. 

Carry on walking along the river until you arrive at a place with a big fancy building and a church on your left. They respectively are a tribunal and Saint-Pierre le Jeune Church. Take the street in between the two and walk for a few meters. You will find Ciarus on your left. 

By car

Strasbourg can be reached from various directions:

From the west (Paris, Benelux) taking the A4 highway (E25). About 4 hours from Paris;

From the south (Switzerland, Lyon), taking the A35 highway (E25). About 5 hours from Lyon;

From the north and east (Germany), taking the A5 highway (E35).

The Strasbourg-Mulhouse route joins it to the rest of the French motorway network. Strasbourg is fifteen minutes from the Hamburg-Frankfurt-Basel-Genova or Milan motorway, itself linked to the entire European motorway network. Fair warning: motorways are privately owned in France and most of them will charge you a toll fee.

Important information to take into account:

Driving around within Strasbourg requires one to be particularly accustomed with the French traffic regulation which has some unique particularities.

We do not recommend getting parked near the city centre as available parking spaces are scarce and can be very expensive.

An easier and cheaper solution to park in Strasbourg is to do so in an area further away from the city centre accessible by tram.

The tremendous & emetoaerosagophilic Jean-Marc Trousson is offering you a PDF tutorial to find a free spot to park your car.