Travel Carbon footprint Calculator and Offsetting


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Every time you travel, you generate carbon emissions throughout your trip whose value depends on your mean of transport.

Your first action will be to choose a mean of transport that emits less carbon, if possible for you.

The EMAG team propose you to calculate your travel carbon footprint and offset it.

Even if the solution of offsetting your emissions is not the ideal solution, it is a better solution than nothing : reduction remains the best solution.

You can calculate your carbon emissions for your travel to Emag.

First, select your mean of transport among : Car, Short haul flight, Medium haul flight, Long haul flight and Train.

Then, enter the distance traveled if you know it or you can calculate it with a calculator (if you travel by flight, please choose your airport).



At this stage, the EMAG’s team looks at different options for offsetting the carbon emissions of all travelers coming to EMAG. The idea is to invest all the donations received in climate protection projects that will reduce climate impacting emissions but also will contribute to sustainable development in the project region.

We will consider projects that are certified by an international standard such as Gold standard, VCS, Plan Vivo or Climate Action reserve.

Gold standard has developed a fairtrade minimum pricing model, depending on the types of projects. It calculates a minimum price that ensures the average costs of the projects will be covered.For example, fairtrade minimum prices are: 

  • For energy efficiency projects– 8.20€/tCO2e
  • For renewable energy projects – 8.10€/tCO2e           EMAG’s team chose an average price of 10 €/t CO2e
  • For forest management projects – 13€/tCO2e


You can choose to donate less or more, of course.

All donators will be informed of the projects in which EMAG’s team have invested for offsetting.

Here is the virtual product (only accessible after being registered to the event).

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