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Additions and corrections log :

26/07 18h18 : Romtastic Tasting and Dinner ‚Äď Friday 19h30-23h23, online

26/07 12h34 : Beer tasting & Dinner – Thursday 18h10-23h, online

25/07 19h38 :¬†Municipal baths of Strasbourg ‚Äď historical monument ‚Äď Friday 13h44, online

25/07 19h00 :Organic charcuterie&wine tasting with the Mensan producer ‚Äď Thursday 10h20-12h40, online

25/07 18h18 : Krav Maga ‚Äď Thursday 16h30-18h, online

23/07 20h02 : Strasbourg waterways, by canoe ‚Äď Thursday 13h30-17h30, online

20/07 23h23 : Improvisation theater ! Come as you are / Camille Bertaud new slots Thursday 

19/07 20h42 : Cathedral : private visit & organ concert ! Friday 18:00, online

17/07 20h21 : The Climate Fresk (Fresk series), now slots, Thursday & Saturday 

17/07 20h20 : Introduction to Esperanto, cancelled 

15/07 01h11 : How to be(have) smart, cancelled 

15/07 01h11 : How to build a Unicorn, cancelled

14/07 21h21 : SIGHT coordinators meeting, Thursday11am-12am

14/07 19h02: Quicky Munster & Gewurtz : slots reduction

14/07 18h18: Coffee degustation : slots Thursday & Friday 10:00

14/07 12h02:¬†Strasbourg’s secrets guided tour¬†:¬†new slots¬†Saturday 14:00

13/07 20h10: Walking tour of the cathedral and the old town : new slotsWednesday 13:30-16:00

13/07 19h50 :Neustadt : the German imperial district (1871-1918) : new slots of Saturday 14:30

12/07 16h16 :Professional Photos  : Saturday

12/07 15h24 :GALA DINNER :new slots online !! Sold-out.

10/07 16h01 :The 2tons Workshop (Fresk series) : slots online

8/07 23h03 : Alsatian wines tasting – organic or natural : Thursday 12h45 Alsatian wines / Friday 12h45 new wine making methods

8/07 21h21 : METEOR : oldest French brewery visit : Thursday 12h25 / Friday 8h50

8/07 15h05 : MAMCS Museum visit : Saturday 13h30

7/07 23h23 : European Parliament : additional slots online

7/07 21h21 : Geocaching : additional slots online

7/07 20h50 : The Treetop Walk Alsace: additional slots online

7/07 19h00 : Quicky Munster&Gewurtz! : new cheese&wine activity, Thursday & Friday

4/07 22h00  : Geocatching has a slot Saturday at 9am.

4/07 21h00 : Bachata dance / Sandro Fanelli & Maja Zafran move to Friday 17-19h.

4/07 18h00  : Learning Strasbourg’s secrets has a new slot Thursday at 14h.

4/07 16h50  : Europa-park has been cancelled on Thursday and Friday due to low demand. Europa-Park on Wednesday stays up. 

4/07 16h00  : Habitat and traditions in Alsace (guided tour) has a new slot Thursday at 9h30 

2/07 17h50 ¬†:¬†Initiation to French embroidery ‚Äď La Broderie Fran√ßaise / Anne-Sophie Krzyszowski is now bookable the 29th in addition to the 28th.


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