FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

EMAG in general : 

What does EMAG stand for? European Mensas Annual Gathering

Can I register my whole family at once? No, each participant needs a separate registration.

1 person = 1 EMAG account = 1 registration 

1 couple = 2 EMAG accounts = 2 registrations 

What is included in the registration fees? Registration fees cover organisation costs, access to the lectures, access to the collective rooms where you can rest, chat with other members, play board games, charge your phone etc, tea and coffee at the main venue, a lanyard, a name shield, EMAG gifts.

Earlier EMAG events included the Ice breaker and Gala dinner in the registration package. In EMAG Strasbourg 2022 you are not obliged to buy the Ice breaker ticket or the Gala dinner ticket, but they are the biggest and most successful activities of the event. It’s not possible to join EMAG without paying registration fees.

What information do I need to give in order to register? You have to give us a valid e-mail address and create a password. Other information we like to know is if you will be sharing a room, have any allergies (for food etc.), disabilities, a name and contact for ICE.

Payment of the EMAG:

When do I pay? When you register you have to pay the registration fees. For activites and/or accommodation, you will need to pay when you order them.
How can I pay? You can pay by credit card. If you don’t have a credit card you can pay by (international) bank transfer.

In my EMAG Account : Processing and Completed mean that everything is OK. On hold means that you haven’t paid your order. If you paid and your account is still described as On hold, please contact orgateam@emag22.fr with your date of payment, method of payment and amount. A nice human with a beard will correct it.

Lost password : https://emag22.fr/my-account /lost-password/

My account


Can I book a hotelroom or appartment myself? Yes, of course. Feel free to do so. You don’t have to inform us. But before that, take a look at the accommodations offered on the website of the EMAG. The main venue is the CIARUS. BOMA and GRAND HOTEL are also available. Prices have been negotiated and a lot of members will be there. https://emag22.fr/185-2/
Can I book a bed in a multi-person room in the event location through the website? Yes, you can. If you want to book a bed in a 6-bed room, you need to find 5 roommates. Otherwise the orga team will allocate you a bed in a room according to availability. You can also book an entire room and arrange payment sharing with your roommates. You can look for roommates on the communications channels for the EMAG: Facebook, Messenger, Telegram or Whatsapp.
And you can use the Ads page on the website in order to find roommates: https://emag22.fr/classified-ads-between-emag-participants/

There is a special page explaining how to add your roommates to your registration : https://emag22.fr/roommates/

General information/activities :

How many people are expected to be there? It’s hard to predict how many people will attend. Because of Covid restrictions in the last two years, many Mensans may want to make up for the lack of Mensa activities and sign up. However, it’s also possible that people will still be hesitant to attend large group gatherings. Normally we would say anywhere between 500 and 800 participants, but we’ll have to wait and see. 

What kind of activities can we expect? EMAG starts with an ice breaker and finishes with a Gala Dinner, followed by a farewell brunch on Sunday morning. Other activities can include sightseeing in and around the town where the EMAG is held. Lectures, workshops, tastings (wine, beer, etc.), pub crawls, pub quiz, board games, evening meals together, and just general merryment. Most evenings will have some kind of organised event/dining/etc.

When will the activities become available? 1st July

Can I organise an activity myself? Yes, we would love for the participants to organise something. Please send an e-mail to Anthony anthony@emag22.fr with the details, and he will let you know if it’s possible.

Is there a dress code? No, for most of the event there isn’t. Mensans in Europe are known to dress very casual (following the general style of their country). Some people will dress up for the gala, others will wear something they’d wear to a nice restaurant, but even in your most comfortable clothes you will be most welcome.


Is there food for vegetarians, vegans, celiac, gluten-free, lactose intolerant, etc.? Yes, indicate your preferences on your profile when you register. We will try to accommodate everyone. 

Hints and tips:

Join the communications channels as soon as possible. The Facebook group, the Messenger chat, the Telegram chat and the Whatsapp chat will give you an opportunity to keep up with the information that becomes available (activities for example). And it also allows you to make new friends, reconnect with old friends, or find someone to share a room with.

The Ice breaker on Wednesday is the start of the EMAG. If it’s your first time at an EMAG, or you haven’t been for a while, then try to attend this activity. You will easily get to know many new Mensans this way. It’s always very nice to go to one of the activities later and recognize some faces from the Ice breaker. It will help you feel settled in.

Cancellation policy/refund policy: 

Click on this page to read all about the cancellation policy and refund policy: https://emag22.fr/refund_returns/

Payment / Money: 

Mastercard, Visa and Cash are recommended. Other cards like American Express or Discover are rarely accepted in France. We have payments with PIN code and without contact. Most of the time, we don’t swipe a card to pay in a shop. Also, it’s recommended to call your bank and your mobile phone company to inform them that you will be abroad and that you will pay in euros.

The currency in France is euro.

Where are we and why is the monkey playing guitar in the bathroom? What happens at the EMAG stays at the EMAG.

Written by Vanessa with a big big help from Yvonne V. from Netherlands